DigiNxt MMS-SE (Full Stack Developer)

DigiNxt MMS-SE (Full Stack Developer)


The DigiNxt MMS Software Engineering program is aimed at creating software engineering professionals. Students will learn most prevalent and latest technologies in the software Industry. It builds strong foundational skills in Java Technologies & Web Development programs. Software curriculum have Multiple Job profiles based architecture like Database Developer, Web Application Developer in Java, Web Designing using HTML & JQuery etc. In this curriculum some course are Global certification mapped, will help student to clear the exam.

This curriculum is also powered by NIIT’s revolutionary methodology, which provides the teacher and the group of students to mould the learning style dependent on the profile of the Learners and give an environment to provide constructivism and collaborative learning. It has been therefore aptly called as LACC (Learning Architecture based on Collaborative Constructivism).

Academic Programs: Software Engineering Curriculum

S/N Program Duration Exit Profile
1 Advanced Certificate in Information Technology (Software Engineering) 150 Hours Software Developer
2 Honors Diploma in Information Technology (Software Engineering) 138 Hours Web Developer
3 Advanced Diploma in Information Technology (Software Engineering) 152 Hours Server Side Developer
4 Professional Diploma in Information Technology
(Software Engineering)
126 Hours Enterprise Web Developer
5 Professional Diploma in Information Technology – Honors

(Software Engineering: Full Stack Developer)

142 Hours Full Stack Developer